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Making sure we are wanted

The biggest challenge for any early startup is to making sure what they build is actually needed and wanted. The business model canvas, released in 2008 by Alexander Osterwalder, provides a template for defining and iterating over your value proposition. More information on the business canvas can be found here

Our product is solid due to our beta users and their ongoing feedback. Below is an outline of what we hope to solve for our current and future users

Customer Pains

We have defined pains of our users and investors. They are

  • To much noise in the markets
  • Unable to stay up to date with investments
  • Unable to create and implmement an investment plan
  • Unable to trust others with their money
  • Current solutions to manage investments are expensive (manager fees, mutual fund fees etc)

Customer Gains

Gains we hope to provide to our customers include

  • Be able to invest professionally
  • Be able to invest optimally
  • Trust in yourself
  • Manage your portfolio’s risk
  • Quiet market noise and concentrate on what is important
  • Inexpensive yet powerful solution to managing investments