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DIY.FUND is changing the face of personal investing.  We provide the same tools advisors and professionals use so individuals can manage their investments themselves.  We have had some amazing feedback from our users as we enable more and more individuals to properly self manage their investments. Today we are excited to announce some new features and “happenings”.

Here’s What’s New…

Sync up with your online brokerd_t

We now allow you to sync you your account automatically with your broker.  This is done thru our partner TradeIt.  TradeIt has connections to the top online brokers, with new ones coming aboard every day.  TradeIt has over $4B in linked portfolios.  We are proud to be working with them. 

Portfolio rebalancing (aka we do all the hard calculations for you, and you click a button when you want to do it)

You can now use our rebalancing tools to set targets for your positions. We alert you when it is the optimal time to rebalance as well as calculate any trades that must be done. Using this tool, you can can easily rebalance your account at optimal times, not at random intervals. Just like the pros do!


A time to tax-loss harvest

You are going to have some positions in your portfolio that lose money.  We can almost guarantee that.  Assuming you have a taxable account, you should be tax-loss harvesting.  Our proprietary tax-loss harvest tool will alert you and recommend positions you can swap out.  After 30 days we will alert you that it is time to swap back to your original position if you choose.

Best new investment platform

We are excited to announce that DIY.FUND was awarded Best New Investment Platform by Tradestreaming. Tradestreaming is a leading modern media publication, a daily must-read among influencers obsessed with the disruption of traditional finance by Fintech. You can see all their winners here

DIY.FUND Best New Investment Platform

Up Next

TradeIt does a lot more than just account aggregation. TradeIt allows individuals to place trades to their online broker as well. We will be rolling out new features to allow everyone to trade their accounts directly from DIY.FUND. Imagine doing all the things you need from one place, securely and easily.

Learn more at www.DIY.FUND